What are the complements of Trados Studio?

If it wasn’t enough with all the functions that Trados Studio comes standard, in the AppStore of SDL you have plug-ins for give and take. If you miss something missing in Studio, it is likely that there is already a complement that solvent that need. And best of all is that the vast majority of them are free. Log in with your account and explore the catalog to find what you seek.

Get everything with Studio plug-ins!

Once you’ve been stuck in a segment and you’ve decided to translate it later? Or perhaps there is a word game that you want to review later? Or you’ve just finished work for today and want to know in which segment you’ve been? All of these situations can be solved if you use the add Bookmarks, which creates markers on the segments you want, as if you were using a bookmark. You no longer need to resort to paper and pen or other types of reminders.

I am sure that there are times that you thought that you could manage the terminology in a more efficient way.Studio license includes Multiterm, but is not the most intuitive program in the world. The Glossary Converteradd-in puts an end to the headaches, at the same time that turns your old glossary terminology databases which you can update and improve as you go translating.

And if you do not want to say goodbye to your faithful Excel spreadsheets? No problem: thanks to the TermExceleratorplug-in, you can use your glossaries without having to worry about conversions between formats, at the time that update them with new terms that come to pass.

We all know how frustrating it might be making changes of State of several segments or search and replace the translation of a term in a project that is composed of several files, we have to go one by one. However, SDLXLIFF Toolkit plug-in allows to make such operations in block, which ensures that all those changes reach the files that we need.

#QATAOtip 4 – What are the complements of Trados Studio?


These add-ins are only a small sample of what you will be able to do in the Appstore of SDL. Dare to delve into it and discover new Studio features that were not in your imagination.

But, how? Do still you don’t use Trados Studio in your translation projects? We are presenting our Trados onlinecourse completely custom and by videoconference. Yes, what you hear, you and the teacher alone: live explanations, recording of lessons, practical exercises, etc. don’t spend another day without learning this cat tool!

Update your translations with m s recent changes

How many times have you made changes in a translation directly in Microsoft Word after having exported the destination file? It is very common that we encounter with errata, phrases or terms that we want to amend after reading and reviewing the translation in its context, or it can be that the customer has added some variations to our work.

It is clear that copy the corrected segments and stick them back in the file SDLXLIFF one is not an option, since it is a tedious and not error-free process. However, right that it would be useful that we could take advantage of those changes so that they are stored in the bilingual file and our translation agency.

In these situations is where the function Retrofit of Trados Studio comes to or painted. Following a few simple steps, we can incorporate all of these changes SDLXLIFF bilingual files even after having delivered the translation.

After you import the updated destination file, Studio will leave us to decide if we want to update the bilingual file and then incorporate changes according to our criteria, which designated using the change control, as you would normally do in Microsoft Word. As not all modifications have to be valid or not to our liking, we will decide if we accept them or reject them, either one by one or even block. Thus, at the end of the process all our bilingual files will be updated as appropriate and we will send the new translations to our translation memory.

Thanks to Retrofit, we will always be sure that all translations, including the very latest time, are in our power.Now we won’t have to waste time and despair diving among tens of target files in search for those unexpected changes that came at the last moment if in the future we want to see those changes.